Marko Nikolić is a Serbian photographer and conservation biologist

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Marko Nikolić is a wildlife and travel photographer who is a conservation biologist and a researcher by vocation.

At this moment he is a researcher at the the Faculty of Science and mathematics, University of Nis, where he is conducting his PhD research in the fields of conservation and population biology. His main focus is tackling the fundamental connections between human tradition, Slavic mythology and animal welfare. Over the last years he has received three grants for nature conservation projects from the Rufford Foundation, and  is leading one of the longest monitoring programs in Serbia: Hermanns’ tortoise conservation monitoring.

Currently he is the head of a biological research NGO “Dr. Sava Petrović” within which he has led many conservation and monitoring projects on the territory of the republic of Serbia, but he was planning to do more … much more.

His love of photography and videography combined with his passion about conservation lead to many successful and interesting collaborations with experts andinstitutions, such as the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, the National television (RTS) and many more.

These collaborations took him to beautiful destinations, all of which he is presenting here trough Adventure, Travel, Landscape, Wildlife and Lifestyle photography. The content of this website is inspired by the powerful beauty of nature, and it tells very powerful stories about the places, people and wild species united in their own uniqueness.

You can find out more at his Instagram feed and EyeEm account, but you can also check out his research in detail at his Researchgate and his online biography at his Linkedin profile.

If you have any commissions or interesting collaboration proposals for research, conservation and photography/videography projects, please feel free to contact him with any enquiries (wherever you are in the world map!).

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